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EBANX as a payment provider for Shopify

What is Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform where you can easily put up an online store. By using it, you can select a wide variety of ways to offer your products to your targeted customers and promote your brand, on an easy to use and custom platform.

How Shopify works with EBANX

When your customers are in Latin America, EBANX is the best payment processor for Shopify you could think of because we were born here and we understand how our people shop online. No one knows the LATAM market better than we do, and that’s reflected in the payment getaways we’ve designed for Shopify.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of how EBANX works as a payment provider for Brazil inside of a Shopify store please check our transparent checkout demo store out. In case you’d like to see it working for all the other countries in Latin America check our redirect checkout demo store out.

* Transparent checkout is only available for Brazil at the moment. To see how to enable it at your store please check the Transparent Checkout section of this documentation.

Available countries

  • Brazil;
  • Mexico;
  • Argentina;
  • Peru;
  • Chile;
  • Colombia.

Available currencies

You can process payments in BRL, USD or EUR, but the customer will always pay with their local currency (BRL, MXN, ARS, COP, PEN or CLP).

DISCLAIMER: Transparent checkout transactions can not be processed in EUR

EBANX Integrated systems

EBANX Dashboard and Shopify’s administrative panel are integrated:

  • Orders;
  • Refunds (Through Shopify’s administrative panel or EBANX Dashboard);
  • Payment status updated automatically;
  • Boletos are instantly canceled after their due date.

Ways to visualize your cash payments

  • Paid only (recommended): Your Shopify panel will only display in your orders the cash payments that have already been paid. While a voucher is not paid it will appear in your abandoned checkouts.
  • Generated vouchers (default): All cash payments will be displayed in your orders regardless of having been paid or not.

Digital marketing data – Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

Ads management is a key tool if you want to grow your e-commerce anywhere in the world. When it comes to Latin America, cash payments are specially tricky to measure due to their nature. When a cash payment voucher is generated it doesn’t actually mean that it will be paid. Although, digital marketing tools aren’t prepared to deal with this issue and usually send a purchase conversion event at the thank you page when a customer finishes its purchase opting to pay by cash.

Aware of the importance of having these clean metrics, EBANX has engineered solutions that send proper events for cash payments, enabling our merchants to measure their conversions and grow their businesses.

When a cash payment voucher is generated through our transparent checkout it fires a custom event named “VoucherGenerate”, for both Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. That means that only your credit card conversions are going to fire the “Purchase” event.

In order to have proper marketing data at your digital marketing tools’ dashboards please follow the steps in our installation guide by clicking the button in the next section:

Know more about the installation process

If your contractual process has already been finalized and you would like to install EBANX as your payment provider for Shopify, click the button bellow and follow the step-by-step process.

Otherwise, get in touch with our business development team by filling this form.