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Installation Process

Amazing, we’re glad to know that you’re coming aboard with us! The steps bellow will show you the way in order to do that:

1. In your Shopify administrative panel click on “Settings” then select “Payment providers”.

2. Depending on where you’re going to sell to, you’re going to choose if you want your customers to be able to pay with credit card, cash payments or both. Once that’s decided you’ll click the links bellow to install the getaways:

2.1 For stores selling to Brazil:

2.2 For stores selling to all other countries in Latin America:

3. Back to the “Payment providers” screen, you’re going to scroll down until you see the “Chose alternative payment method” button and click over it. In the page has loaded you’re going to search for the same getaway names that you’ve chose at step #2 and click over them.

4. Next, you’ll need to get your Public Integration Key, as well as your EBANX Shopify Key, both available at the Integration section of your EBANX Dashboard. In case you don’t have access to the dashboard yet please fill out this form.

5. Click on “Settings” again, then on “Checkout” to set your Form options as the image bellow. This process is mandatory in order to ensure that your checkout will work properly. Don’t forget to click on “Save” once you’re done with the configuration.

* View of the Form options in the Checkout page, after following the path described at step #4.

6. Lastly, access your store and go through a regular purchase flow in order to confirm that the getaways that you’ve just installed are appearing as payment options. In the case they are not, please send an e-mail to asking for support.

Transparent Checkout

DISCLAIMER: Your transparent checkout will only work if you have either one (or both) of the following gates installed: Cartão de Crédito em até 12x via EBANX or Boleto Bancário via EBANX

Transparent checkout is a game-changer for merchants operating in Latin America using Shopify’s platform because it enables them to sell in the way that people in our region most like to do it: feeling safe. Therefore, with a seamless checkout solution you’ll be able to achieve higher payment conversion rates and less checkout abandonment rate. In order to have the transparent checkout working at your store, you must go through the following steps:

1. Go to our Sell in LATAM – EBANX Checkout installation page and click on “Install unlisted app”

2. Then, get your Integration Key, at the Integration section of your EBANX Dashboard, place it at the respective field at Shopify and click over “Login”. In case you don’t have access to the dashboard, please go through the Installation Process section of this documentation.

If you go back to the app’s interface you’re going to be asked for your key again, but that’s solely to verify the status of your app, if you have ever logged in with your integration key the installation process has already been completed.

* Transparent checkout is only available for Brazil at the moment. We’re currently working on enabling it to all Latin America countries and it will soon be ready.

* Please note that your transparent checkout might take up to ten minutes to start to work.

Digital marketing data

Facebook Ads Manager

DISCLAIMER: this walkthrough is only valid in case you’re selling to Brazil and using our transparent checkout through our app extension. If you do not attend to both these requirements please get in touch with asking for support to set up your Facebook pixel. Else, if you sell to Brazil but haven’t installed the app yet please go through the Transparent Checkout section of this documentation.

1. Go to your Shopify admin area and click on “Online Store”, then click on “Preferences”

2. At the Facebook Pixel section paste your pixel ID, then scroll down and click on “Save”

3. Send an e-mail to and ask for your Facebook pixel additional script.

4. Once our team gets back to you, go back to your Shopify admin area, click on “Settings”, then click on “Checkout”, scroll down to the Order processing section and paste your code at the Additional script field. Then click on “Save”.

5. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and Create a Custom Conversion for the “VoucherGenerate” event that our transparent checkout sends. This is going to be the conversion that will measure how many of your customers chose to pay by cash and generated a payment voucher.

DISCLAIMER: according to Facebook, the metrics you’re going to be able to find with custom events are not reliable for campaign optimisation and look alike campaigns. EBANX does not take any responsibility for campaign investments or its outcomes.

6. Then, go to your Campaigns dashboard and follow the steps to Customize Columns in Ads Manager to add your new custom conversion to your view.

7. If you wish to have visibility on your cash payment’s actual conversion rates, you’re going to need to create and upload offline event data to your Facebook Ads Manager. You may also like to check Shopify’s instructions on how to Export orders to a CSV file and Facebook’s guide on how to How to Format Customer Lists.

* As soon as Facebook makes their Server-Side API public the 7th step of this walkthrough won’t be necessary anymore and we’ll send your cash payment conversions straight to your Ads Manager.

* If you are not using our Transparent Checkout, you can just register your pixel in Shopify, then send an email to with your Pixel ID.

Google Analytics

1. Go to your Shopify admin area and click on “Online Store”, then click on “Preferences”

2. At the Google Analytics section paste your UA-ID, then scroll down and click on “Save”

3. Go to your Google Analytics account and Set up your goals and funnels to properly receive the “VoucherGenerate” event that we send at Shopify’s thank you. This is going to be the conversion that will measure how many of your customers chose to pay by cash and generated a payment voucher.

4. When your cash payment gets paid and confirmed you’re going to receive an event named “PurchaseComplete” at your Google Analytics account. This is the event that is going to give you visibility on your cash payment’s actual conversion rates. If you need to know more About Events please check Google’s help center.


INTERNAL SERVER ERROR is appearing when the user is redirected.

What may be causing this error:

  • Your integration or Shopify keys are not correct. Double-check your keys in your EBANX dashboard;
  • You are processing with a not allowed currency. We only accept USD, BRL and EUR, except for transparent checkout, where we don’t work with EUR yet;
  • The country you are trying to process is not enabled in your merchant account;

My transparent checkout is not working even after 10 minutes.

Double-check your app status by following these steps:

  1. Access your Shopify admin panel, then go to “Apps”;
  2. Click in the EBANX App (Sell in LATAM – EBANX Checkout);
  3. Re-enter your integration key;
  4. If you don’t see “EBANX Optimized Checkout is Installed on your store!”, send an email to;
  5. If you do get the successful message, then double-check if your gateway is eligible for the transparent checkout.

I can’t find the EBANX gateway in the “alternative payment methods” section.

Before looking for the gateway, please make sure that you clicked in the link shown in the installation process and that you have installed it.

I can’t find my Shopify Key in EBANX Dashboard

Please send an email to our integration team –

Still have doubts?

We hope this article was enlightening, but in case we’ve failed to take out your doubts you have the following options to keep on seeking for answers:

  • If you’re not our partner yet and would like to know more about our prices and conditions please fill ou this form and our comercial team will get in touch with you.
  • In case you’re already our partner please get in touch with our support team at
  • Alternatively, you can check our FAQ at the end of this page for further questions.