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We’ll send out an installation link to the EBANX Track app in Shopify.

When accessing the page, click the “Install unlisted app” button, located in
the bottom right corner of the screen.

Enter the application

On the left menu, choose “Apps”.

Click on the EBANX Track app

Welcome to the EBANX Track Dashboard

Now you can access to the EBANX Track Dashboard, which will provide top-notch information over logistics and payment, for all orders.


Step 1

On the left menu, choose the option “Orders”

Step 2

On the “Orders” page, click on the order which you want to add the tracking number.

Step 3

After choosing the order, click on there “Mark as fulfilled” button.

Step 4

On the fulfillment page, type the tracking code on the “Tracking Information” field.

This field is optional but only orders with this information filled will be tracked.

After filling the Tracking information, click on the “Fulfill items” button.

Start Tracking

After fulfilling the order with the tracking code, the logistic information of your order will be available at the EBANX Track Dashboard.