EBANX WooCommerce plugin

Version: 1.27.0

For WooCommerce 3.0.0 or later


Make more money with EBANX WooCommerce

With the EBANX Payment Gateway plugin for WooCommerce, you can offer local and relevant payment methods such as cash, online debit, credit and debit card, bank transfer and EBANX Wallet in the fastest growing markets in Latin America for thousands of new customers. Forget about taxes and bureaucracy; we take care of everything. That way you can focus on what matters and make your sales growth. It’s time to break walls and barriers to build bridges and connect people to buy in others countries. And don’t worry, no technical knowledge is needed for installation just follow the simple steps for the installation and start processing locally in Latin America with EBANX.

1. Install the EBANX Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

    1.1 Install the EBANX Payment Gateway for WooCommerce from the WordPress.org plugins repository. You can choose among three ways to install it: automatically from your WordPress Admin, manually via FTP or GitHub.

Automatic via your WordPress Admin

Automatic installation is the easiest option and can be done without leaving your web browser. To do an automated install of the EBANX plugin, login to the WordPress Dashboard and follow the steps:
  • Open your admin page in WordPress. Go to Plugins > Add new and search for “EBANX Payment Gateway”
  • Click on “Install Now” button.
  • Once the plugin is installed, click to “Activate”.
  • Your plugin is ready, now go to Plugins > Installed Plugins, and click on settings, on WooCommerce EBANX Payment Gateway.
  • Time to fill out your information, it’s quite fast. You just need to insert your API Keys found on the Dashboard.

Manual via FTP

To install manually, download our plugin and upload it to your web server via an FTP application. Visit the WordPress codex for further instructions.

Manual Via Github

The EBANX WooCommerce can also be installed using GitHub. You can find our repository here. To view step-by-step installation via GitHub instructions click here.

2. Update the plugin settings

2.1 At the EBANX Dashboard, go to Settings and downward find your Integration Keys. Dashboard page with the Keys     2.2 Then, go to your WooCommerce settings menu: WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > EBANX or click on EBANX Settings in sidebar admin menu.
2.3 Add the integration key you’ve found on the EBANX Dashboard. You will need to use different keys in test (sandbox) and production (live) modes.   Screen shot with EBANX Plugin Configuration       2.4 Our plugin already comes with set settings, but you can change them according to your necessity.


Sandbox Integration Key

Unique test mode key, keep it safe and do not expose this information.

Sandbox Public Integration Key

General test mode key. You can do a token operation using this, key instead of the integration key when the request is from the client of your customer (browser, app, etc.). By doing this you do not have to deal directly with the credit card information of your customer.

Live Integration Key

Once you have completed the process of integration with EBANX, you will receive a unique live mode key which will allow you to operate with our services; it is essential to keep all the information safe and not exposed.

Live Public Integration Key

General live mode key. Just like the Sandbox Public Integration Key, you can do a token operation using this key instead of the integration key when the request is from the client of your customer (browser, app, etc.). By doing this, you do not have to deal directly with the credit card information of your customer.

EBANX Sandbox

Mark or unmark the box to go into sandbox mode and live. EBANX Sandbox is a testing environment that mimics the live environment. Use it to make payments requirements to see how your eCommerce processes them.

Debug Log

Mark or unmark the box to choose to record all errors that occur when executing a transaction.


Enable Payment Methods

Do not forget to enable the payment methods for your checkout and make sure that the payment methods chosen are included in your agreement. Check the list below for the payment methods available in each country:


Boleto EBANX, Domestic Credit Card and Bank Transfer (TEF)


OXXO, Credit and Debit Cards and SPEI


Cupón de Pago


PSE (Pago Seguros en Línea), Baloto and Credit Cards


ServiPag, Sencillito, WebPay, Multicaja


SafetyPay and PagoEfectivo


Cash and Bank transfer

The following image show how it will appear in your administrative area:

Advanced Options

In the advanced options, you can select or not features that will help your client to have a better experience in their shops.

Save Card Data

Choose to allow your customers to save their credit and debit card data for future purchases.

One-Click Payment

Allow your customers to complete payments in one click using credit card data saved.

Enable Auto-Capture

Automatically capture payments from your customers. Otherwise, you will need to capture payment going to: WooCommerce -> Orders. Not captured payments will be cancelled within 4 days.

Maximum Number of Instalments

Establish the maximum number of installments in your customer can pay, as consented in your contract.

Cash Payments - Days to expiration

Define the maximum number of days on which your customer can complete the payment of Boleto EBANX, Oxxo, Sencillito, PagoEfectivo and SafetyPay.

Do you have any other doubts? Talk to us. Send an email to integration@ebanx.com; our team will be there to help you out. 🙂 Check out the Plugin in the WordPress Directory.