If you are selling in Brazil for the first time, here are some ecommerce tips to help you provide a better user experience and hopefully, be even more successful!

1 – Which kind of integration should I perform? EBANX Checkout or EBANX Direct API? Which one is better?

Here’s some brief explanation of these two integration types:

EBANX Checkout is EBANX’s most popular integration method. It work neatly with online stores of all sizes and integrate easily into your shopping cart. It’s really simple for an IT Developer to set up.

EBANX Direct allows merchants to accept payments by all payment methods EBANX offers – Boleto Banc├írio, Bank Payments (“TEF”) and Credit Cards – directly on your site. Customers benefit from a smoother user experience as they complete the checkout without having to leave your’s store front end.

You can learn more about both integrations via these links: CHECKOUT and DIRECT API.

Our statistics show that the, EBANX Direct API integration provides an enhanced user experience. EBANX Direct provides a slightly more transparent customer experience, where your customer complete their information on your website, without being redirected to elsewhere.

When a customer uses the EBANX Checkout, they are redirected to an EBANX payment page, which can sometimes feel strange to a customer if they are not used to it. EBANX Direct API avoids these kinds of issues and results in improved customer conversion rates. The Direct API integration is a little more complex to implement, but produces better results.

2 – What fields need to be completed in my checkout page?

We suggest that you put the minimum amount of fields necessary on your checkout page, in order to improve user experience. The use of input mask on these fields is really appreciated.

3 – Should I present my checkout in Portuguese?

We strongly suggest, that as a minimum your checkout page is translated to Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese). We know that translating English terms into Portuguese can be tricky, but you can always ask for help from our Integration Team.

4 – Do I need SSL Certification?

Having SSL Certification on your checkout page decreases the chances of your customers giving up on their purchase, because this certification has been shown to make customers feel safe about sentering their information on your website.

5 – Should I use EBANX’s zipcode operation?

Using the zipcode operation can make checkout the process quicker and easier. You simply send to us your integration key and the zipcode as parameters and we automatically return the state, city and street name of that zipcode. You can find more information about the zipcode operation HERE.

Translating fields, error messages and relevant terms

Having translated fields, error messages and relevant terms in certains parts of your site can help alot your brazilian customers. You can learn more about these on our documentation.