I created additional users for my sandbox account. Are those users available on the new live account?

Unforntunately, no. The live account does not use any of the previous users. If you need these, you’ll need to create them again.

When I receive my live credentials, will I lose my sandbox credentials? Will I need those credentials, anymore?

Your sandbox credentials will not be deleted. You can still use them if you want to run some tests. Also, if you’re going to enable new features, such as payments in new countries, you will need to use your sandbox account to test them.

What is the difference between the PIN and payment Hash code?

Both PIN and Hash are the unique payment ID that is generated in EBANX once the payment is created. PIN can be used to search a payment in EBANX Dashboard and is also showed in the user receipt. The payment Hash code is used to retrieve payment details using our query operation(for Direct API and Checkout integrations) and also to cancel a payment and request refunds.

I am having problems with my integration key, such as invalid integration key error. What can I do?

Please check that you are using the right integration key in the right environment. A common mistake is to use a test integration key in the production environment and vice-versa. If the error persists, please contact our integration@ebanx.com.

I get an error message, saying that the payment type is not enabled for a merchant. How can I solve this?

If this error happens in your sandbox account, you can contact our Integration Team with your merchant name and it will be quickly resolved. If you are in your production account, please make sure that the payment method that you are trying to use is included in the agreement that you signed. You can contact your account manager, or business developer, for this information.

What is the difference between the Integration Key and the Public Integration Key?

The Integration Key is the key that you use to make requests to our API operations. Keep it safe and do not expose this information.

The Public Integration Key is the key that you use to make the token operation, using this key from the client of your customer (browser, app, etc.). By doing this, you don’t have to deal directly with the credit card information of your customer.

What are the Notifications and how do they work?

When a payment status is changed, EBANX sends a notification to your system through the Notification URL that you have set in your Dashboard. Your system receives the notification then call our Query Operation. By doing this, you will know the status and more information about that payment.

After you get the notification, you must output a response (can be any string that you like) indicating that the notification was successful. You can check your notifications in the Notification Log in your Dashboard.

Notifications are important since they will indicate when you can deliver your product/service to your customer.

For more detailed and technical information check our documentation here.

One of my customers tried to make a payment and received the error “BP-DR-98 – Customer country does not match”. What happened?

What happened is that your customer used an email to make a payment in a country (willian@gmail.com in Brazil, for example), and tried to use the same email to make a payment in a different country. To solve this, you can ask your customer to use a another email.

What is the difference between payment.order_number and payment.merchant_payment_code?

Merchant Payment code is a unique identifier of your payment on our system; our system will not generate new payments with merchant payment code that already exists on your account. Order Number is not a unique identifier so that you can create payments with the same order number. You can use this field to identify a group of payments, like retries of the customer at the same checkout.

Do I need SSL Certification?

Having SSL Certification on your checkout page decreases the chances of your customers giving up on their purchase because this certification has been shown to make customers feel safe about entering their information on your website.

Can I disable the emails that EBANX send to my customers?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t. The e-mails that EBANX sends out to customers have important information about the payments that needs to be shown for compliance and legal reasons.

What is the different between payment and payout?

Payment is how to charge your common customer on your store. Payout is how you make a payment for your payee.