1 – I am having problems with my integration key, such as: invalid integration key error. What can I do?

Please check that you are using the right integration key in the right environment. A common mistake is to use a test integration key in the production environment and vice-versa. If the error persists, please contact our Integration Team.

2 – I get an error message, saying that the payment type is not enabled for merchant. How can I solve this?

If you receive this error message, then the payment method that you are trying to use is not available on your account. If this error happens in your sandbox account, you can contact our Integration Team with your merchant name and it will be easily resolved. If you are in your production account, please make sure that the payment method that you are trying to use is included in the agreement that you signed. You can contact your account manager for this information.

3 – I have finished my tests, can I go into production?

Not quite yet! When have completed your tests, please contact our Integration Team. We will make some tests of our own to check that your integration is working correctly. After that, we will create your production account and send you your credentials.

4 – I want to have more payment methods enabled on my account and/or add new countries. How do I do this?

Please contact our Integration Team and we will enable the changes in your sandbox account. Once have finished testing these new features, please contact your account manager. After your documentation is ready for those new features, we will enable them on your account.

5 – What is the difference between the Integration Key and the Public Integration Key?

The Integration Key is the key that you use to make requests to our API operations. Keep it save and do not expose this information.

The Public Integration Key is your unique and secret public integration key. You can do a token operation using this key instead of the integration key when the request is from the client of your customer (browser, app, etc…). By doing this you don’t have to deal directly with the credit card information of your customer.

6 – What are the Notifications and how do they work?

When a payment status is changed, EBANX sends a notification to your system through the Notification URL that you have set in your Merchant Area. Your system receives the notification then call our Query Operation. By doing this, you will know the status and more information about that payment.

After you get the notification, you must output a response (can be any string that you like) indicating that the notification was successful. You can check your notifications in the Notification Log in your Merchant Area.

Notifications are important since they will indicate when you can deliver your product/service to your customer.

For more detailed and technical information check our documentation here.

7 – One of my customers tried to make a payment and received the error “BP-DR-98 – Costumer country do not match”. What happened?

What happened is that your customer used an email to make a payment in a country ( in Brazil, for example), and tried to use the same email to make a payment in a different country. To solve this, you can ask your customer to use a different email.

If you still have any questions, please send an e-mail to EBANX Integration Team at and we will be happy answer those questions