Recurring payments are available for customers paying with credit cards.(Recurring payments are not currently available for other payment methods).

1 – How do I enable recurring payments on my account?

To enable recurring payments on your account you should contact the EBANX Integration Team ( with your merchant account name and request this configuration.

2 – Do recurring payments work automatically?

No, they do not. Every time you want to charge your customer you have to make a new request (ie not just in the first month, but every month/quarter/year, etc). How do you so that? See our documentation about how to create recurring payments HERE.

3 – How long is the token for the recurring payment valid for? Is there an expiration date?

Tokens expire after 14 months of it’s last use.

4 – What recurring periods are available? Can recurring periods be set to be weekly/monthly/annually?

You can choose wherever recurring profile works best for your business: Weekly/Month/Annually/Daily. You just need to make a request using the token that you generated whenever you want to charge your customer and you control when you want to do that. Please just remember to communicate with your customer about these charges.

5 – If the recurring payments fails to charge customer’s card for whatever reasons (such as: the card is expired, or insufficient funds or the expiry date has changed), how can I get information about failed transactions using an API so I can stop customer’s subscription and notify the customer about the situation?

If the transaction does not go through, we will return the reason for the failure in our request response. We use the following transaction status codes:

OK:The transaction amount was approved.

NOK: The acquirer did not approved the transaction. The customer must contact the issuer to check for any issue with his credit card.

RETRY: Something went wrong with the process. You can retry with the same data. We recommend you to try more 3 times on different periods of time (first try, then second try after 2 hours after the first, etc).

You can see more of these status HERE.

6 – How can I cancel a customer’s recurring payments after they have been set up, using API?

If you do not want to charge a customer you don’t need to turn recurring payments off, you just stop sending requests with that token to EBANX.

7 – Do I need to keep the customer’s card information?

You just need to keep the token. When you generate a token, we will retrieve these credit card informations, so you don’t need to do that, but if you are able send the CVV, your approval rates should increase by 15-20%. So, our recommendation for this case is that you send the token plues the CVV.

If you still have any questions about recurring payments, you can send an e-mail to EBANX Integration Team at and we will be happy to answer your questions