Congratulations! You’ve completed your Integration in the test environment and now you’re ready to go live!
However, before you do, here is a checklist that we suggest you to use, to see if everything is really ready for you to start processing.

1 – I created additional credentials for my sandbox account. Are those credentials available on the new live account?

No. The live account does not use any of the previous credentials. if you need these, you’ll need to create them, again

2 – What about my Notification URL?

Once you’ve got your live account you need to configure your URL to receive all incoming EBANX notifications, only now within the live environment.

Some merchants have problems when moving to the live environment because they forgot to configure their URLs to the new account. When you’re doing this configuration please make sure that you’re using the right URL (your live details), not the URL from your test environment. Also, please check to make sure you’re using https, instead of http. Where you change this configuration? HERE is a link to our documentation that deals with that.

3 – I passed the homologation step. When will I receive my live credentials?

Your live credentials will be sent to our Merchant Services Team ( Merchant Services is going to check that we have everything that you need to go live (including contractual and compliance documentation, etc) and, as soon as they’ve checked that everything is in place, they’ll send out your live credentials.

4 – I just received my live credentials. What should I do, now?

OK – first, you should change your old test integration key for the new “live” key, so all payments will now be directed to your live account. Also, you may need to turn off the test mode in your application (if necessary) and configure your new account with your logo, Notification URL, credentials, etc, in your account in our Dashboard.

5 – When I receive my live credentials, will I lose my sandbox credentials? Will I need those credentials, anymore?

Your sandbox credentials will not be deleted. You can still use them if you want to run some tests. In addition, if you want to enable new features, such as payments in new countries, you will need to use your sandbox account to test them.

6 – Is there anything we can do to improve our sales performance in Brazil and the rest of Latin America?

We want to be more than your payment processor in Latin America – we want to be true business partners. For that reason, we have compiled a list of local best practices to help your business to perform to its full potential in this exciting region – Best Practices