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Generating payments has never been so easy

Using on-demand payments, you can manually generate payment links on your Dashboard and send it to your customers. That way, your customer just need to access the link and complete the payment on our EBANX Payment Page.

If you are questioning yourself about the disponibility of the payments by link, don’t worry! All EBANX Merchant Accounts have this option enabled by default.

Now, let’s see how it works to create a new payment request:

1. Go to your Dashboard:

Payments by link printscreen

2. At the top of your Dashboard, click “+ Create” – if you already have our Payout, otherwise, just click on “+ Create” + “Payment Link”.

Payments by link printscreen

3 .Fill the required fields and click “Request payment”:

Payments by link printscreen


See in the table below, what fills you have and how each one works when filled.

Customer email

The customer email address, where the payment link will be sent (optional).

Send email

If checked, EBANX will send an email to the customer with a link to the complete the payment.


Select the country of the customer. The payment currency and the available payment methods will change depending on each country.


The currency of the requested payment amount. Only the USD and the customers’ country local currency will be available.


The amount to be paid by the customer. The decimal separator is the comma (e.g., 59,90).

Advanced Options

Order number

A reference number of the payment (optional).

Payment method

The options of payment methods may be different because the availability of payment methods depend on the selected country and your contract.

Due date

Payment due date, for boletos with USD currency only.

Max number instalments

Payment instalments, for credit cards only. A number will change according to on your contract.

If you checked “Send Email” and filled the other fields correctly, you’ll be sent to a confirmation page, and you’ll see the following message:  

It’s important to know that the payment URL will expire after two days if the customer doesn’t complete the checkout.