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How to install

Please follow the instructions below to process in Mexico, Chile e Argentina using EBANX with Shopify

Step #1 – Getting started

First we will create your account here at EBANX and send you a solicitation to be an user in your Shopify.

Go to Settings -> Accounts and please search for an user and accept the solicitation.

Step #2 – Configuring

While we are configuring your account, you must register a manual payment on your Shopify:

  1. Click in Settings -> Payment Providers
  2. In the Manual Payments section, select the “Create Custom Payment Method”
  3. Fill in the blanks with the following information according to the coutry you are configuring:

Step #3 – Going Live

Now it’s just wait for Integration team to contact you and let you know that you are ready to process with EBANX.