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Shopify installation guide
Version: 1
Compatibility: A quick guide on how to install your EBANX Shopify Payment Provider to use Boleto and Credit Card. Note: In case you want to use only Boleto or only Credit Card, please, get in touch with our team or follow the steps below.

How to install

We will send you an email when your account is ready and your keys are created.

Step #1

To start, log-in into the administrative panel of your store.

Step #2

For each payment provider, there is a unique installation link that will represent the payment methods you want to enable. Click on the link below and you will be redirected to continue with the installation.

Step #3

Finishing the installation, you will see a confirmation message telling that the Cartão de Crédito e Boleto Bancário via EBANX were added.

To find the EBANX’s solution, search for Alternative Payments part and, if the EBANX’s solution it not appearing, click on “Select additional payment method,” and then on “Edit” to fill in with the integration keys and click on “Save”.

You can get your Public Integration Key by following the instructions on this link. You also will receive your Merchant Shopify Key by email from the Integration Team.

Step #4

Once you see the “Payment settings saved” message, it means you have to check the required information requested by EBANX at the checkout settings. Click on “Settings” and then on “Checkout” to do that.

Step #5

Go to “Form options” part and set the options as shown below:

Doing this, click on “Save.”

Certifying your Integration

Access your store and create a normal purchase flow up to the payment page. If EBANX’s gateway is already an option on the Payment Methods, you are ready to start processing, if not please contact us in