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What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Using Shopify, you can select a wide variety of ways to offer your product to the target customers and promote your brand, on an easy to use and customizable plugin.

How Shopify works with EBANX?

EBANX offers a payment provider solution for Shopify’s stores. By using it, you can quickly integrate with EBANX to provide local payment methods for Brazilian and Mexican customers, increasing the reach and income of your business exponentially!

With all the features EBANX brings


Frictionless experience and responsive layout with UX best practices and logo customization.


You can process payments in BRL, USD or EUR, but the customer will always pay with their local currency (BRL, MXN, ARS or CLP).

Facebook Pixel

Purchase tracking of Boleto and Credit Card separately on Facebook Pixel.


Boleto payment reminder and payment confirmation sent by email.

Integrated systems

EBANX Dashboard and Shopify’s administrative panel are integrated:
  • Orders
  • Refunds (Through Shopify’s administrative panel or EBANX Dashboard)
  • Payment status updated automatically
  • Boletos are instantly canceled after their due date

Supported Countries

Separated gateways for Cash Payment and Credit Card in the following countries:


Installment fees and IOF paid by the customer.


Help materials about how to configure abandoned checkout emails and payment confirmation, considering Boleto’s pending status.

Know more about the installation process

The installation process happens after you knew our business and had all contractual process finalized.