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Ideal, Practical & Safe

One of the most important moments on a customer journey through your e-commerce is the moment of the Checkout. Besides being the moment where you will receive the payment, this is the moment where your customer chooses to complete the purchase, chooses to trust you, or not.

EBANX has the mission to help all merchants and customers to have a trustworthy relationship that starts at checkout.

Discover the EBANX Payment Page, an ideal, practical and safe tool with the enhanced capability to adapt to your customer’s needs and accepts more than 30 local payment methods that will help your business conquer Latin America.

Product Overview

The EBANX Payment Page is one of our easiest and simplers integrations. It works with any kind of e-commerce, by seamlessly connecting with your shopping cart.

You pick which payments options will be shown at the checkout among more than 30 local payment methods.

When a customer picks one of the EBANX payment methods, it will be redirected to the external checkout where very quickly it can complete the payment.

Once the customer has completed all fields and successfully paid the order, it will be redirected back to your store.

Please note EBANX Payment Page does not support recurring payments via credit card tokenization.