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The Home screen of your Dashboard, the overview section shows all data processed either combined by all Countries (if you process more than one) or by Country.

Here you will be able to:

1. See your current:

Account Balance: Amount you have processed on the current period.

Amount Available for Settlement: Total amount that is ready to go for settlement, this value might vary because of fees and FX Rate.

Total Lifetime Payments and Customers: Number of total payment transactions and total number of customers your Business had while processing with EBANX.

2. Check your Total Processed Volume on a graphic format:

Edit the time period you would like to see by clicking on the right corner date filter, the main set period is last 30 days.

See Processed Volume, Payments and New Customers according to the date filter you have set Change the currency viewing of the chart from USD to local ones according to the Countries you process.

3. The third section show the Volume share of your total processed amount:

The share will be shown according by Country and by Payment method inside every Country.

If you only process one Country, click on the talk to us button and schedule a call with your Business Development Manager.