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Access all your Settlement, Amounts Processed and much more through this menu. Divided into two sub-menus with the following:


See all values regarding your Account and Pending Balance and all deducting transactions such as Refunds, Chargebacks, and Reversed Chargebacks. You can:

See an overall of all Countries or click on a specific Country to check the Finance Overview in details for each one.

Request Settlement for all Countries or specific ones.

Check every item such as Account Balance in Detail, clicking on the Details button.


Check all your Settlements in both list or graphic format.

On the graphic format of this sub-menu, you will be able to see in a chart that show the transaction count and amount total.

Filter each Settlement by Settlement Code, time period or status.

Click on each Settlement and you can see full details of the settlement such as the amounts processed with each payment method and the fees applied to your Settlement.

When you request a settlement, you will receive a notification either confirming or showing an error on the requestment. If the settlement is confirmed, the Request Settlement button for the Country you have previously requested will be blocked until the Settlement is processed.