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Below, you will find information regarding the Payout Account on the Dashboard. If you want to know more about the API, you can look our documentation.

The EBANX Payout is a new method to send money to Brazil easy, fast and, most importantly, with no complicated bureaucracy. The Payout is available in two plataforms:

  • Payout API
  • Payout Account – Built within the Dashboard

The Payout Account allows you to Create Payouts, manage your Account Balance and check your Payees.


You can request your payouts in two different ways: one by one or by exporting a CSV file (a.k.a. Mass Payouts). Both options will be available once you have enough balance to finish the requests.

1. One by One

Clicking on the Create Payout button will open a modal. All you need to do to fill it with the required information. During this process, you can choose to send the money to one of those options:

  • Payee’s bank account: The money will be sent directly to the payee bank account. In this option, you can either inform the bank information, or, let the payee do that (an email will be sent to him, requiring this info).
  • EBANX Wallet: In this option, the money will be sent to the Payee EBANX’s Account.

The difference between both options, is the time it will take to process the request to the Payee. Sending to a Bank Account will take up to 5 business days. However, using the EBANX Wallet, the payee will receive the money in seconds and will also have the chance to choose to:

  • Spend the money online;
  • Get our physical card (to use the balance in stores);
  • Withdraw to a bank account.

IMPORTANT: When sending to a bank account, you can choose to fill the data or let the Payee fill. Also, during the whole process (the request of the payout, when it is processed, and the conclusion of it), we will keep you updated (through email notifcation) about each action.

2. Mass Payouts

When you need to make a many requests at once, the mass payouts is your solution. It allows you to upload a CSV file and match the payouts all at once. All you have to do is upload a CSV file that follows the EBANX model.

You can get more info about the CSV Model HERE.


To complete your transactions, it is necessary to have enough balance (just like a bank transaction). But, worry not, within EBANX Dashboard you can request to increase your balance by adding money in 2 different ways:

1. Bank Deposit

You will receive the details about EBANX Bank Account, where you can make an deposit directly to us. This operation may take up 5 days too.

2. Transfer Balance:

If you are already an EBANX Merchant and process your payments with us, you can request to transfer your balance. It will use some of the amount that would be settled to your account, transfering it to your Payout Account.

You can click on the Add Balance Button, in your Payout Overview, choose which method you prefer, fill the amount and follow the last instructions.

Payout Menu

Just like in the Dashboard for Payment Processing, the Payout Menu is divided into 4 categories:

  • Overview Here you will be able to create new payouts, add or transfer balance, check your last transfers and your last payouts.

  • Payouts Check your Payouts in a list format, you can filter by country (more countries besides Brazil will be added soon), date period and also by status. For more details on each payout, click on the desired one.

  • Transfers See all the transfers your made to your balance. Here you can check the status, the date and the details of each of the transfers you have done, either listed or in graphic format by clicking the top left buttons.

  • Payee On the Payee field, you are able to see and find any Payee you have once completed a Transaction. Clicking on the items, you can check any detail about the Payee such as Bank Account/ EBANX Wallet, the Payouts completed to that Payee or personal data like email, their documents, and birthdate. You will also have a list with the last payouts made with this payee.

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