EBANX Payout

Check the list below, all the operations that you can do and how you can do it with the EBANX Payout.

Each link has the explanation of how to make an operation or which is the message that can appear to you if something goes wrong. The most important thing for us is that you understand our API and how it works. That way you just use your time to increase your sales.

It’s important to know that only merchants with Payment API will be able to receive this product and, for now, the EBANX Payout only process in Brazil.

EBANX Payout Reference

  • Balance operation
  • Bank details operation
  • Banks operation
  • Cancel operation
  • Commit operation
  • Create operation
  • Retrieve operation
  • Simulate operation
  • Transfer cancel operation
  • Transfer commit operation
  • Transfer create operation
  • Transfer retrieve operation
  • Transfer search operation

EBANX Payout Guide

  • Create a payout
  • Cancel a payout
  • Commit a payout
  • Retrieve a payout
  • Simulate a payout
  • Search payouts
  • Get current balance
  • Create transfer
  • Cancel a transfer
  • Commit a transfer
  • Retrieve a transfer
  • Search transfers