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HTTP Method




The tracking operation is a server-to-server operation that tracks packages.

Method parameters

integration_key string, max. 100, required

Your unique and secret integration key.

email string, required

The customer email.

order_number string, required

Payment order number.

tracking_code JSON object, required

Array of package information.

tracking_code.tracking_code string, required

Package tracking code.

tracking_code.payment_hash string, optional

Payment hash relative to the order, it improves the EBANX Track analysis.

tracking_code.items JSON object, optional

Array of items inside the package.

tracking_code.items.sku string, optional

Item SKU. string, optional

Item name.

tracking_code.items.description string, optional

Item short description.

tracking_code.items.unit_price integer, optional

Item unit price.

tracking_code.items.quantity integer, optional

Item quantity inside the package.

tracking_code.items.type string, optional

Any kind of identification of type of your choice.

tracking_code.address JSON object, optional

Array of package address information.

tracking_code.address.address string, optional

Package destination address.

tracking_code.address.zipcode string, optional

Package destination zipcode .

tracking_code.address.street_number string, optional

Package destination street number.

tracking_code.address.street_complement string, optional

Package destination street complement. string, optional

Package destination city. string, optional

Package destination country.

tracking_code.address.state string, optional

Package destination state.

This method call will return a JSON object with the data:

Response parameters

status string

The status of the the request (SUCCESS or ERROR).

result JSON

A JSON object that represents the results.

result.customer_email string

The customer email related to the package.

result.tracking_code string

The package tracking code.

result.order_number string

The order number of the package.

result.payment_hash string

The payment hash.

result.status string

The package status.