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HTTP Method




The “getBankList operation” is a server-to-server HTTP POST used by the merchant website to query EBANX for the list of banks that are available to process with EBANX.

Request parameters

integration_key string, length 100, required

Your unique and secret integration key.

operation string, length 7, required

Must be request.

country string, length 2, required

The two-letter country code for the customer country. The available codes are:

  • br: Brazil.
  • co: Colombia.
  • cl: Chile.

Response parameters

status string

The request status (SUCCESS or ERROR).

code string, length 0 - 32

The code of the bank to use in parameter eft_code. If payment is for Brazil, the code must go in payment_type_code parameter.

name string, length 32

The name of the bank related to the code. You can use this to show the name of the payment method for the customer.